Our Clients

Business, corporations and individuals that we have represented over years of practice
AIG, AIU, Travelers Ins. Co.,La Vaidel Book Group, Liberty Mutual Ins. Co., New Hampshire Ins. Co. GAB Ins. Co., North American Ins. Co., AIAC, Lloyds Of London, Marriott Corp., Lexington Ins. Co., Camger Chemical Corp., Capitol Construction Co., O’Connor Constructors,Inc., Lone Star Construction Co., Moody Street Pictures, First National Bank of Omaha, Century Bank, GMAC, Ludlow savings Bank, Midnight Pass Productions, National Lumber Co., Lamont Trucking Co., Lexington Liquors Shops., Kamco Co., Orange County, Ca., Performance Tree Co., Pushcart Catering Co.,Taunton Housing authority, Waltham housing Authority, CJ’s Restaurants, Watchtower Co.,Stag-Parkway Corp., Saks Fifth Ave Co., Tillostson Rubber Co., Trombley Brothers Inc., US Adjustment Co., US Emergency Glass Co Inside Track Cycling Tours, Inc., Granite State Ins. Co., Immediate electric Co. ,GMAC, Frye Boot Co., Marriott Corp., Karnak Chemical Co., Hartford Insurance, Chubb Insurance

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