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Our firm was formed by business oriented lawyers to serve clients in a professional and productive manner and to minimize legal expenses. We believe practical experience and knowledge is the critical factor in comprehending and determining legal issues.

Our firm has conscientiously chosen to operate at a manageable size, large enough to provide a full range of services to our clients, both internally and through our network of counsel serving throughout New England, Florida and Washington DC, yet small enough to offer a personal approach to our clients. We believe it is vitally important to provide all our clients the attention and dedication necessary to solve their problems and to offer the personal touch that many large firms cannot offer.

We serve as national, regional and local counsel and coordinators to corporations and insurance companies. We believe our clients can be better served by first solving their problems short of litigation, thereby saving unnecessary costs associated with litigation. However, if litigation is required, our firm has extensive trial experience with over one hundred civil and criminal trials in the last ten years.

Additionally, we believe prompt, effective, and accurate business and legal evaluations of claims and legal problems can avoid litigation. Our partners have extensive business and management experience, working for and with various types of corporations, including manufacturers, professional service organizations, and insurers. This experience, coupled with our legal knowledge, and trial experience, will assure our clients of the proper evaluations necessary in determining whether disputes should be settled, mediated, arbitrated or litigated. Consequently, we guide and represent various clients utilizing the most effective software technology, strategy and legal approaches in any case, to the fullest extent of the law.

We also have developed an extensive network of counsel throughout New England, Florida and Washington DC . These individuals have backgrounds and/or degrees in engineering, accounting, nursing, and other professions. They provide technical and legal support in preparing and maintaining our cases, as needed. These collective resources are pooled and tailored to each client’s individual need, better serving our respective clients.
Lakin & Lakin are dedicated to practical approaches to legal disputes and is committed to creative and cost effective ways of practicing law.

We look forward to serving our clients.

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